We're Starqle Indonesia

Starqle Indonesia adalah sebuah perusahaan IT yang bertujuan untuk memberikan layanan dan produk teknologi informasi yang memiliki desain user experience yang eksepsional bagi pasar teknologi informasi di Indonesia.

Didirikan pada awal tahun 2009, Starqle Indonesia adalah sebuah perusahaan muda dan antusias yang telah memiliki beberapa portofolio yang terdiri dari berbagai skala aplikasi dengan satu benang merah: layanan dan produk dengan desain user experience yang baik.


Our Services



In partnership with Sangkuriang Solution, we create Expressima. Expressima is a¬†one stop solution to build your digital presence. We deliver comprehensive solution from WordPress and Magento based websites at affordable price, with premium design and speedy production time. You can visit Expressima’s official website here.



The word “janji” means “promise”, and “janji-janji” is the plural form of it. JanjiJanji.com serves as a website where people can track, view, and observe how well public figures makes and keeps their promises. Now developed with Zulkaida Akbar, Dani Mulyana, Seterhen Akbar, and Wildan Nurmana from PTB as the content editors, JanjiJanji tries to provide Indonesians with a room where they can finally express their political arguments in intellectual way.

Our Porfolios

Indonesia Trip Planner

Visit Indonesia Trip Planner

Indonesia Trip Planner is developed for PT Lapi Divusi as a part of Indonesia.travel website. Indonesia.travel itself is the official website promoting Indonesia tourism by Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

Djaksphere Website


Djaksphere or  Djakartartmosphere is the official website for musical event Djakartartmosphere 2010. Developed with WordPress, Djakartartmosphere.com succesfully converts its visitors to order online in a number as significant as almost half of the 2000 people that attended the event. Visit djakartartmosphere.com.



LPM UHAMKA Website is a simple publishing website developed with WordPress. Even with its simplicity, we strive to deliver the best user experience and great visual design for its users.



Centralized Archive Management System (CAMS) is an application developed for PT ebDesk to be used by certain Indonesian airways. Developed with PHP, CAMS focuses on documents management.

Pertamina OPSS


Pertamina Operation, Planning, and Scheduling System (OPSS) is an information system that is used to manage the planning of national fuel distribution by Pertamina. Pertamina OPSS is a web based application developed with ASP and .NET framework.

Celcom Widget


Celcom is a desktop based rich internet application. Developed with Adobe Flex, Celcom Widget grabs live feed of articles from certain sites. Celcom Widget was developed for PT. Skali from Malaysia.

University BI


University Business Intelligence (BI) is a web based application to monitor Key Performance Indicators of an university. Starqle’s University BI is a unique integration of Ruby on Rails based front end with Microsoft’s technology such as Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint Server, and PerformancePoint Server as the back end.

Sakti Medika Website

saktimedika.com screen capture 2011-2-25-14-15-51

Sakti Medika Website is a simple news portal for Sakti Medika clinic, located in Tebet, South Jakarta. Developed from scratched with Ruby on Rails, Saktimedika.com is our early portfolio in developing web application that is a simple Rails based CMS. Complemented with a robust back end, Saktimedika.com is also designed to provide great user experience for its administrators and visitors.

Sammarie HIS


Sammarie Hospital Information System (Sammarie HIS) is an enterprise scale information system for clinics and hospitals. Developed with Java and Seam framework, Sammarie HIS focuses in accounting management of an hospital. Sammarie HIS was developed for PT. Sammarie Purnafiat, located in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.