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Starqle & OpenLabs

Starting from July 30th to August 2nd, Starqle had a great opportunity to participate in FGD Expo 2009 held in Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, Jakarta.

FGD Expo is an exhibition held once in two years by Forum Grafika Digital. Started at 2003, FGD Expo 2009 was the fourth FGD Expo. In this edition, FGD Expo theme is focused around three fields: printing, packaging and publishing. In FGD Expo 2009, Starqle presented an application that was built for Common Room Network Foundation called Voice Print. Voice Print was presented in a sub event of FGD Expo 2009 titled Creative Media Week.a

Voice Print is an experimental application created by Common Room. Voice print takes audio input and converts it into patterned painting. In the FGD Expo 2009, Voice Print was implemented with the collaboration with us, Starqle. Built with library called “Processing”, Voice Print enables the users to make digital painting using their voice. The basic concept of the painting is a dot that travels the screen. While it travels around the screen it can be manipulated by the change of amplitude and frequency of the input voice. The dot is manipulated by changing its direction, color or radial. Finally the drawing painted on the screen can be saved for paper based printing output with resolution up to 3200 x 2400 pixels.

In the last day of expo we had a great honor to have live painting from Voice Print as visual backdrop for performance by Balawan in main stage at Cendrawasih Room. After the show, the complete paint of Balawan’s visualized voice was printed and given to Balawan himself.

Starqle & Balawan

We are greatly thankful to our friends at Common Room Network Foundation for giving us this great opportunity to participate in FGD Expo 2009. We are thankful to Mr. Gustaff H. Iskandar who gives so much credits and appreciation to our work that greatly motivate us. We also thank Mr. Widi, Mr. Hendi, and Mr. Ryan, people from Madlabs who are the original inventor of Voice Print. And for our friends from Open Labs who share great experience with us along the exhibition, particularly for Ms. Isha Hening who created an extraordinary bumper for Starqle official logo, we are thankful to have spent these two weeks with you guys.

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